How to Make a CD Cover in Word

cd/dvd closed jewel case (with paths) image by Tristano Ajmone from

CD covers can be fun to make on your own and are a great homemade gift to go along with a mix CD. Microsoft Word provides a number of CD cover templates you can use to get started. The templates will have the correct size and format for the CD cover set-up, so you don't need to worry about that. Once it's designed, simply print the CD cover on regular paper, cut it out and insert it into the CD case.

Open Microsoft Word.

Click the "Microsoft Office Button." Select "New."

Scroll down the left side of the window under "Microsoft Office Online." Click "More Categories."

Select "Case Inserts." The available templates from Microsoft Office Online will load.

Browse through the CD cover templates and select one you like. Don't worry if you already have a graphic image in mind--you can replace the placeholder image easily. Select your chosen template and click "Download." The template will load into a new document.

Begin replacing the placeholder text with your own. Click to select it and start typing.

Format the text with a font, font size, colour and text attributes of your choice. Make all these changes using the "Home" tab in Word.

Replace graphics with your own if you want. Click to select the placeholder, and press "Delete." Click the "Insert" tab. Click "Picture" to insert an image file from your computer. If you'd rather use a stock image, click "Clip Art" to choose an image.

Save the file when you are satisfied with the look of your CD cover.

Place regular paper in your printer. Connect the printer to your computer.

Click the "Microsoft Office" button. Click "Print." Select your installed printer. Click "Print" and await your new CD cover.

Cut out the CD cover and place it in the front of your CD case.

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