Decorating Ideas for Parents & Babies who Share Rooms

Updated February 21, 2017

Parents choose to share rooms with their babies for various reasons, including a lack of extra space or the belief that their babies are safer in the same room. If you are one such parent, you want to make the room as comfortable as possible for both you and your child. However, you should not sacrifice style just to accommodate your baby's needs and comfort. Find design harmony and balance by decorating your bedroom in a style that will work for you and your baby.

Colour Scheme

For parents and babies sharing the same room, colour is not only aesthetic but functional, because different colour usages can serve as the distinction between the adult and baby sides of the room. If repainting the room is not an option, use colour-coded rugs under each bed. Colour also helps create a positive ambience between you and your baby. According to a study conducted by Miami University, colour can affect a person's mood. Yellow can make a person cheerful and glad, while green denotes pleasant calmness. Therefore, make sure to consider colours that are soothing for both you and your baby. Because the bedroom, by all intents and purposes, is a place for slumber, it is ideal to use neutral or natural colours. Brighter versions of earth tones can brighten up the room; for example, a very light brown colour can open up the space. The lighter the colour, the brighter the room will appear. Use matching colours on bed linens to unify the room; for example, solid, dark blue bedding on your bed can complement your baby's polka-dotted, light blue bedding.

Right Kind of Bed

If you prefer to sleep beside your baby on the same bed, a flat mattress on the floor is most suitable for combined comfort and safety. Some people maintain a distance between them and their babies by choosing to sleep on a main bed with the baby safely tucked in a crib. If this is your preference, choose a crib whose finish matches that of your bed frame and headboard to keep the two pieces unified. Use a so-called "mom's dual bed," which are two identical beds located in the same room; one allows you to sleep right next to your baby while nursing while the other can be used to sleep with your husband when your baby is fast asleep. Waterbeds are definitely out of the question as they can potentially harm your baby.


Utilise room dividers such as floor screens and movable fake walls to help create privacy and orderliness. A room-within-a-room concept is not only trendy but also very functional. It keeps the child close by and within reach while still ensuring your nighttime privacy. An alternate idea is to add makeshift curtains between the sleeping areas of the baby and yourself. This type of separation scheme can be less confining for the child. With room dividers, you can decorate your child's side with a childlike theme while keeping your side's decor more adult.


Displaying your childhood mementos or vintage toys along with your baby's heirloom items will bring a sense of nostalgia to the room. Use floating shelves to hold the items neatly in place. Frame black-and-white baby photos of you and your husband and hang them next to photos of your baby. Avoid displaying toys made of plastic to keep the room from looking too juvenile. Keep toys and other playthings in an attractive heirloom toy chest when they are not in use. Keep your room clutter-free by installing and utilising organisers designated for items used by you and your baby.

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