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Argumentative Essay Topics on Parenting

Updated April 17, 2017

An argumentative essay takes a defined and specific stance on an issue and seeks to prove its point through examples, evidence and persuasive language. The best argumentative essay will provide both sides of an argument and show why one of those sides is incontrovertibly correct. Essay topics are broad subjects that encompass a variety of possible arguments. Construct your argumentative essay by narrowing down an essay topic into a thesis statement.

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Topics on Parenting Babies

Take a stance on an issue involving how babies are raised. "The Bottle or the Breast" would allow you to research the benefits of breastfeeding. "The Effects of Television on Infants" calls for a stance on how much screen time is too much. "The Co-Sleeping Controversy" allows you to weigh in on whether the benefits of sharing a bed with a baby outweigh the potential risks. Other topics include "Pink for Girls, Blue for Boys: Gender Stereotyping in Babies" and "Circumcision: Health Benefits and Cultural Rituals."

Topics on Parenting Teenagers

Parenting a teenager operates in a completely different domain of knowledge. "Tying Allowance to Chores" allows you to consider whether making teens work for their money actually affects their success in life. "Alcohol and Harm Reduction" makes for an argument on whether it is wiser to let underage teens drink in a controlled and safe environment. "Report Cards and Rewards" allows you to take a side on the ethics of paying teens for good marks. Other topics include "Talking to your Child about Sex: How Early Is too Early?" and "Teaching Religion to the Secular Teen."

Topics on Single Parenting

Take a stance on whether single parents end up being closer with their children with a topic such as "Single Parents and the Child as Friend." "Male Role Models" allows you to consider whether the lack of a father in a boy's life has an impact on his future success. "It Takes a Village: The Government's Role in Raising a Child" allows you to argue for or against special tax breaks for single parents.

Topics on Parenting Comparisons

Use your essay to argue for one side in comparing different cultural or historical parenting styles. "Parents of Today, Parents of Yesterday" allows you to consider whether the more relaxed style of parenting that is common today is better or worse than the stricter parenting of generations past. "Parents Here and Parents There" forces you to research parenting styles in another culture. Compare these with academic success rates and discuss whether there is a correlation. "Treating All Equally" allows you to argue for or against a style of parenting that offers different rewards and punishments to different children in the same family, based on the child's specific strengths and weaknesses.

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