Kubota D905 Engine Specifications

Updated July 19, 2017

The Kubota D905 is a diesel-powered industrial engine used in light machinery and construction equipment. Its small size makes it suitable for a number of applications, however its limited horsepower levels do not make it a practical motor for use in heavy machinery or motors which will be responsible for powering large payloads.

Engine Specifications

The D905 is powered by a three-cylinder engine, consuming diesel fuel, and using a inline layout with a respective bore and stroke of 72mm and 73.6mm. Its overall displacement is reported at 54.8 cubic inches, making it a relatively small engine. The engine's dry weight with its rear-end plate installed is 93kg, which is raised to 110kg when the flywheel and its housing are added.

Power Specifications

As a relatively small motor, the D905 shows appropriate output levels. Kubota provides three output parameters, gross intermittent, net intermittent, and net continuous. The engine's net continuous power is rated at 17.4 horsepower at 3,000rpm while its net intermittent power is rated at 20 horsepower at 3,000rpm. Gross intermittent output is reported at 20.8 horsepower at 3,000rpm.

Engine Size and Weight

The D905's size slightly varies depending on if the flywheel housing is installed or not. As most applications will include the engine's flywheel, the dimensions here assume one is installed. The engine's overall width measures in at 22.31 inches while its overall height measures in at 23.81 inches. The engine's total depth is 7.87 inches.

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