Cool Things to Do With Beer Caps

Updated April 17, 2017

Most people throw their beer caps away. However, people who choose to collect them realise the potential of the small pieces. Several craft ideas are available to anyone looking to create something cool with their beer caps. The caps can become a functional work of art. Just remember to clean the beer caps thoroughly before beginning a project.

Beer Cap Bracelets

People can save their beer bottle caps and make jewellery pieces. Bracelets are simple to make and can be made with the caps. You can decorate the inside or outside of the beer caps with rhinestones, stickers and colourful paint or just leave them plain and mix and match beer brands. Since the beer caps are small, adding any similar-sized decorative items can enhance the bracelet. The bracelet is closed by drilling holes to string the caps together.

Beer Cap Earrings

You can make recycled beer cap earrings. Decorate the beer caps as you wish and drill holes into the caps, starting at the back of the bottle cap underneath the ridge. You can insert jump rings--small metal ring shapes that can be found in jewellery-making sections of craft stores--into the hole and close them off with craft pliers. The length of the earrings depends on the designer as jump rings can be continuously added. Finally, you can attach an ear wire, also found at craft stores, to the end of each chain for completion.

Beer Cap Tambourines

Beer bottle caps can be used to make tambourines. The sticks used to hold the recycled caps are hardwood branches in a Y shape. Most people can find usable branches in their yard. Another option is to purchase the sticks from a craft store. For a festive look, you can decorate the sticks with feathers or any items that help to make it stand out, including paint. The beer caps must be flattened out first, then threaded on a wire that is attached to the two ends of the Y-shaped stick.

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