Places to Get Married Quickly

Updated April 17, 2017

It does not matter why you are choosing to get married quickly as long as it is what makes you happy. Before your wedding ceremony you will need to fill out the proper paperwork for a marriage license. You will need to provide your birth certificates, picture IDs and Social Security cards when you apply for a marriage license. Many states do not have waiting periods for a marriage license or to get married.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas is associated with quick weddings and eloping. If you would like a small, quick ceremony Las Vegas has numerous chapels available. Often the waiting time is simply based on the number of couples ahead of you. Many chapels are open throughout the day and night. Some chapels provide you with a marriage license and witnesses, if needed. Nevada does not require a blood test, nor does it have waiting periods for marriage licenses. A Nevada marriage license costs approximately £22, as of October 2010, and is valid for a year.


If you are interested in a quick wedding in the sun, California's coastline offers numerous public and private beaches for weddings. A marriage license costs £32 to £52, as of October 2010, with no waiting periods or blood tests required. However, unlike Nevada, the license is only valid for 90 days.


If you want to combine your honeymoon and ceremony in one location, a destination wedding can be a time-saving option. If you need to get married quickly and do not have a lot of time for a honeymoon, combining the two events might allow you to keep some of the traditional elements of the wedding. A Hawaii marriage license costs approximately £32, as of October 2010. Hawaii has no waiting periods nor does it require blood tests. A marriage license in Hawaii is valid for 30 days.

North Carolina

If you want a simple justice of the peace ceremony, several states do not have wait times, such as North Carolina. North Carolina also does not require blood tests. A North Carolina marriage license is valid for 60 days, as of October 2010. If you are interested in having a justice of the peace ceremony, you will need to make an appointment with him. Bring your own witnesses, and ascertain what IDs you will need to have with you.

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