The Things to Do on Your 22nd Birthday

Updated July 20, 2017

A 22nd birthday can seem like a bit of a let-down after the hoopla that surrounds turning 21. Whether it's your birthday or a friend's, it's important to make sure that turning 22 is also an exciting occasion. From silly to serious, there are lots of ways to make the beginning of your 22nd year a special event.

Celebrate The Anniversary Of Turning 21

On a playful note, take this opportunity to celebrate having been able to drink legally for a year. Turning 21 was fun because of the novelty of going to bars. Now that you have a whole year of experience, you can do it even better. Take this opportunity to remember the mistakes and highlights of the past year, and try to repeat only the second.

Do 22 Fun Things

Make a list of 22 things you want to do. These can be places to visit, skills to learn or any combination. You could do one a day in the days leading up to your birthday, all of them on your birthday, or vow to complete all of them in the upcoming year. This is an enjoyable way to look forward to your birthday or 22nd year while doing things that you've always wanted to. Include your friends in some or all of your activities so that they can enjoy your celebration as well.

Take Time To Reflect

Turning 22 is often close to major life events, such as graduating college or starting a family. It's an excellent time to look at just how and where your life is going, and how you feel about that. With your friends, think of goals you would like to accomplish by the time you are 30, and how to achieve them. As Dr. Jennifer Tanner noted in her blog "Becoming An Adult" on the website for Psychology Today, the early 20s are often a time of immense flux and uncertainty. It's important to recognise that this is not a negative situation, but rather an opportunity to take stock of your life and goals. Use your 22nd birthday to do this in addition to having fun -- or do both at the same time!

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