How to Introduce a Famous Person

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When offering an introduction for a celebrity or famous person, don't take for granted that everyone knows who they are and how they are famous. Always offer a brief description of their career and introduce them with grace and respect. Make sure you create a warm reception for the famous person, and make the environment they are entering a friendly and welcoming one. Just because someone is a celebrity and accustomed to attention does not mean they do not get nervous or apprehensive. Make them as comfortable as possible when you introduce them.

State the celebrity's full stage name. Celebrities often change portions or all of their names to stage names. Use the celebrity's pseudonym when introducing him, as he may not want his legal name publicised. The general public usually recognises celebrities by their stage names anyway.

Offer a brief description of the celebrity's professional life. This could include television shows and movies he appeared in, bands he performed with, or songs he is famous for. It could also include famous locations at which he has performed, such as the Apollo Theater.

Include any charitable work or causes the celebrity supports and promotes. For example, if she recently started a foundation for cancer or diabetes or performed at a benefit concert, include this as well.

Add personal touches if you have a close relationship with the celebrity or have met her before. A simple mention of extreme graciousness and friendliness she extended to you in a brief meeting will help warm a crowd up to them, as well as offer a small intimate look into a public figure.

Ask those to whom you are introducing the celebrity to extend a warm welcome to the celebrity. This makes the celebrity feel appreciated and promotes a friendly and warm atmosphere.

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