Gift ideas for engineers

Updated April 17, 2017

Give the engineer in your life a break from machines, devices, roads and buildings by giving him something he cherishes. The gifts can be funny and whimsical, or something that acknowledges and honours his profession. Whether the gift is for his birthday, graduation or any special occasion, make it one that he will remember for years.

Conservative Gifts

For the grave and sedate engineer, choose conventional engineering gifts like an antique or digital compass, a sundial or a telescope. Other appropriate traditional gift items include clothing or stationery imprinted with the engineer's professional insignia. Choose from watches, fountain pens, ceramic mugs and plates embossed with the professional emblem of the engineer.

Books and Digital Readers

Books may be your engineer's best friend. If he happens to be an ardent reader, purchase a special collection of his favourite author. Another attractive option is a digital reader -- something that may combine a love of gadgetry with a love of reading. Many brands of digital readers come with the latest touch-screen navigation, wireless capabilities and customisable features. With a digital reader, your engineer has access to thousands of books, periodicals, eBooks, newspapers and blogs.


If your engineer happens to be a gadget-freak, choose from the hottest trends of the year. Mobile TVs, sleek laptops, cordless headphones, smartphones and BlueRay DVD players may all make welcome gifts for a person who's inclined toward electronics and high-tech entertainment. A GPS navigation system is another useful gadget for your engineer and for anyone who drives. A combination pedometer and calorie counter works great for the health-conscious engineer.

Puzzles and Brain Challenges

Engineers love logical challenges. Choose from 3D architectural puzzles, metal-erector sets, Lego puzzles and construction kits. You can also find numerous games for adults designed to challenge and stimulate the mind. If critical thinking fascinates your engineer, purchase a chessboard. Personalise a signature chessboard to make the gift extra special.

Memberships and Lessons

Not all engineers are gym lovers. Motivate your engineer to workout by purchasing an annual membership at a local gym. For older engineers, a package of yoga sessions works well. Yoga keeps things less stressful yet offers much-needed exercise for amateurs. Introduce something new by buying him a lesson package. Other out-of-the-box class ideas include rock climbing, dance, music, cooking and art lessons, among others. Keep his interests and personality in mind while making such a purchase.

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