Novelty ski gifts

Updated November 21, 2016

For someone who likes hitting the ski slopes for a bit of snowy fun, consider choosing a novelty gift devoted to that sport. You could choose a gift that he can wear while skiing, or something to remind him of his hobby when he can't actually be skiing. Lighthearted novelty gifts are perfect choices for lots of different occasions, or just because.

Snow globe

Choose a snow globe as a funny gift for a skier. Choose a snow globe that has a slot inside it where you can insert a picture. Next, choose a picture of her flying on her skis down a slope. Place the photo inside the snow globe. That way, when you shake the snow globe, it will look like the snow is falling on her while she skis. This gift is perfect for her to sit on her desk or coffee table for a funny reminder of her favourite hobby.


Choose socks that he can wear either while he skis or even at home. Go with a pair of colourful socks that have skiers flying down mountains on them. You could also choose socks that have words on them, such as "skiers rule." Go with socks that have skis in all sorts of different colours on them.

Home decoration

Choose a skiing-themed decoration for the skier you are shopping for. For example, choose a pair of plain wooden skis, or just one ski. Then, paint it in a colour that coordinates with her home. Once you have the skis painted, you can decorate them. Paint stripes or polka dots, if you want, or paint her last name or initials onto the skis. She can hang the skis on her wall for an impressive decorative wall hanging. Everyone who enters her home will know that she is a skiing enthusiast.

Arm wallet

This is a practical gift that anyone who regularly skis would appreciate. Choose a wallet that is worn around a skier's arm over his ski suit. It can attach using Velcro, buttons or an elastic band. He can place his lift ticket, identification, cash, credit cards and other necessary items in the wallet without having to worry about them falling out of a pocket or unzipping his suit to get them from his trousers pocket every time he needs them.

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