Things to do at a birthday sleepover

Written by cyndi bass | 13/05/2017
Things to do at a birthday sleepover
Teenage girls can perform a makeover on each other during a sleepover. (Jupiterimages/Goodshoot/Getty Images)

Boys and girls of all ages host sleepovers for their birthday. The big question on the host's mind is usually what type of things to do at the sleepover birthday party that will keep the kids entertained, besides eating while watching funny or scary movies. When planning activities, it is important to keep them relevant to the ages of the children.

Teen Girls

Teen girls can give each other makeovers at a birthday sleepover, including a facial, manicure and pedicure. A fun twist would be to do the makeover in the style of a different era, such as the 1920s flappers or a beehive hairdo from the 1960s. Girls can have a make-under as well, and to make it funnier the girl giving the make-under can be blindfolded. Older teens might enjoy putting on a fashion show. While doing these things, the girls can be busy chatting about boys, parents, school and life in general. The girls could also create T-shirts with iron-ons, paints, glitter and embellishments. Girls at this age usually enjoy games such as truth or dare.

Tween Girls

Younger girls can put on a talent show and have judges to choose winners. For a fun fashion game, give the girls about 5 feet of aluminium foil each and have them create an outfit out of it. For an acting game, give each girl a number with a task. For example, girl number 2 needs to pick an object in the room; girl number 1 needs to come up with a slogan for the object, and so on until together the girls have put on a commercial. Another activity the girls might enjoy is to blindfold someone, feed them something and have the blindfolded girl guess what she ate. For a little healthy competition, divide the girls into teams, give each team a roll of toilet paper, and have each team make a living mummy. Other things tween girls can do at a sleepover is create crafts such as pillowcases, jewellery boxes, picture frames or scrapbooks.

Young Children

Young children can create art on one another using face paint. Have children create their own temporary tattoos using tattoo gel and a template. Send the children on a scavenger hunt for various household items or candy that is hidden around the house. Young children also usually enjoy the classic games of hide and seek, musical chairs, freeze, telephone and "Mother, may I?" They can also play guessing games such as "What animal am I?" in which each child pretends to be an animal and the other children have to guess the animal. Other things young children can do at a birthday sleepover include arts and crafts, finger painting with pudding and decorating cupcakes and cookies.


Growing boys like to eat and are competitive, so an eating contest may be a good thing to do at a boy's birthday sleepover. Another idea is to create an obstacle course with furniture, cushions and pillows. Have the boys get into their sleeping bags and hop through the course. The boy with the fastest time should win a prize. An alternative is to have the boys wiggle their way through the course, like a wiggle worm. The boys can each bring a video game and have a contest to see which boy can get the highest score within a certain amount of time. They could also have ping pong, basketball or pool tournaments. If the weather is good, the boys can set up tents and make the sleepover into a camp in the back yard.

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