Invention Ideas for Kids' Projects

Written by brooke turner | 13/05/2017
Invention Ideas for Kids' Projects
Children love to create and invent. (Juan Silva/Photodisc/Getty Images)

Kids have an innate creativity that is produced by their innocence and simple understanding of the world. They make great inventors. Many science teachers in elementary schools assign an invention project to be completed by students. There is an unending list of ideas for inventions for children from the silly and wacky to the useful and practical.

CD or DVD Earrings

Invention Ideas for Kids' Projects
Turn an ordinary CD into a lovely earring. (cd's image by Horticulture from

For safety purposes, this project will require an adult to be present. Gather 2 old CDs or DVDs, 2 earring wires or clips, two short chains or strings, and some decorative items such as paint and stickers. This project will require a responsible adult and a power drill. Drill a small hole into the DVD or CD. The adult should clearly be the person to accomplish this portion of the project. Before you attach the string or chain through the hole, have the child decorate the CD or DVD with the paint, glitter or stickers of their choice. Loop the string or chain through the hole and attach the earring wires and your project is complete!

Water Xylophone

Invention Ideas for Kids' Projects
Sure you've heard of a xylophone, but check out this xylophone that uses water to determine pitch. (xylophone image by Andrey Lukyanov from

If your child is musically inclined, have them invent a new instrument using glasses of water! Use 5-10 glasses with varying levels of water in each. Each level of water will have a different pitch to it. To test the pitch of each glass, tap the glass with a spoon. To make the invention even more exciting, add different food colouring to each glass of water.

Recyclable Plant Pots

Invention Ideas for Kids' Projects
Make an environmentally friendly plant pot out of this recyclable plastic bottle. (Container of milk. Plastic milk bottle image by L. Shat from

Have your child gather several large plastic recyclable bottles for this project. These bottles should be shaped with the widest part on the bottom of the bottle and the top of the bottle becoming narrow. Somewhere between the centre of the bottle and when the top begins to become narrow, cut an opening all the way around the bottle. Fill the "plant pot" with potting soil and plant a seed or plant in this new environmentally friendly invention.

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