Flowers & Gifts for a Woman Turning 50 Years Old

Updated February 21, 2017

Your female friend or family member who is turning 50 has no doubt experienced her fair share of triumphs and trials. A new chapter of her life is just beginning, as her children may be leaving the nest or she may be starting to discover a new dimension to her personality and spirituality. Give her a gift that combines the positive elements of her past with the anticipations of her future.


Select flowers representative of your female friend or family member who is celebrating her 50th. If she has a favourite flower, that is the obvious choice. If she does not, choose her birth month's official flower. For example, lily of the valley is May's flower and violets are February's birth flower, according to Babies Online. You can also select several flowers that have special meanings, which are representative of the birthday girl's personality and strengths. For example, acanthus symbolise artistry, cherry blossoms represent feminine beauty, daisies are for someone who is young-at-heart and hollyhocks symbolise ambition, according to Romance Stuck. Consider purchasing 50 flowers and splitting the costs with a few others. They Deserve It recommends each person taking turns and delivering 10 flowers at a time throughout the day.

Golden Gift

Gold is associated with a 50th wedding anniversary and when a woman turns 50, she is entering the "golden years." If she enjoys wearing jewellery, purchase a golden bracelet, chain, earrings or a locket with her husband's or children's picture inside. Give her a gold-coloured frame with a picture of her family or friends inside or make a golden Christmas tree ornament.

Experiential Gift

Give her something has always wanted to do but never had the chance. If she has always wanted to travel to a specific destination, purchase her a travel guidebook for that place, a new suitcase, a gift token towards travel or new travel clothes. If she has always wanted to develop her artistic side, pay for a drawing or photography class or buy her some creative tools. The experiential gift does not have to cost anything. She may just want a friend to accompany her on a new hike.

Personal Gift

Create a scrapbook of pictures from the birthday's girl first 50 years of life. Ask family and friends to write down hilarious or sentimental stories about her. Intersperse the stories with pictures, stickers and decorations. Include an envelope at the back of the scrapbook that she can store birthday cards she receives for her 50th.

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