Jaguar xj6 series III specifications

Updated March 23, 2017

The classic Jaguar luxury of the XJ6 series III, also known as the Vanden Plas, was the final evolution of the XJ6 sedan created in 1968. Conceived in 1979, the Jaguar XJ6 series III was merely the place holder for the new Project X40 which was delayed. The XJ6 series III lasted far longer than was originally intended due to its popularity in the economic upsurge of the 1980s.

XJ6 Series III General Specifications

The Jaguar XJ6 is a handsome car that remained popular and in production for 18 years. The engine was located in the front, The S3, or Series III, has rear-wheel drive, is anywhere from 191.7-to-200.5 inches long, and has a steel unibody wheelbase of 113 inches. The original pricing for this classic Jaguar luxury car in American dollars ranged from £16,412 to £26,065. This was a hefty, well-built sedan that weighed in at 3,860 to 4075 pounds.


The Jaguar XJ6 specifications are really about the engine. There were three types available, all fuel-injected with cast iron blocks and aluminium heads, throughout the series III career from 1979 to 1986, the classic being a V-12 as the powerful Vanden Plas, The smaller DOHC I-6, or dual overhead camshaft inline 6-cylinder engine at 3,442-cubic centimetres has 161 horsepower. The larger 6-cylinder engine is 4,235-cc with a 258 cubic-inch displacement and 300/176 horsepower. The OHC V-12 has a 5,343cc engine with a 326 cid and 295/299 horsepower.


The Jaguar XJ6 specifications, including the XJ6 series III, were a departure from the norm of the time. Power assisted automatic transmission with three gears was a hot new item for 1968. Even though this classic Jaguar luxury car began with British Leland and ended with DaimlerChrysler, the powerful transmission remained undisturbed. Its final drive ration of 2.8:1 is standard for an automatic transmission.


Without any modifications to the design or engine, the top speed of this classic Jaguar luxury vehicle is 124 miles per hour. The ride is comfortable in the cushioned leather interior of the chassis which sits on its classic high-walled tires and urbane suspension. The XJ6 S3 flies around corners on all fours, taking them well. The steering takes a little getting used to the thin, hard plastic and rather large steering wheel.

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