Problems with Catnapper Recliners

Updated November 21, 2016

Catnappers are fairly well-known recliners that, for the most part, do not have any problems. They are comfortable recliners made in chair and sofa formats depending on your needs or wants. The company is best recognised for its power recliners that both recline at the push of a button as well as lift an individual up out of the chairs. The lifting feature is sometimes needed by the elderly and disabled.

Reclining Mechanism

Based on the highly technical components of the chairs, your Catnapper recliner may develop issues with the reclining mechanism. This is not a problem with all recliners, but is an issue occasionally. It can be corrected by contacting the warranty department to find out where the nearest repairman is located. If the chair is still under warranty, then there is typically no cost for the repair.

Weight Capacity

The power recliners at Catnapper only function to a maximum of 136 Kilogram. This isn't a mechanical issue of the chair, but is an issue nonetheless for those who weigh more than this amount. The recliners are designed to help lift individuals who have trouble getting up.


Warranties are sometimes an issue with Catnapper. Recliners that experience mechanical issues should be covered under the warranty, which is issued by Catnapper. However, sometimes the store is considered to be responsible for the care of the warranty. To avoid becoming embroiled in a debate as to who is responsible for a malfunctioning chair, it is best to test the chair out before the delivery man leaves the premises. If the chair isn't functioning properly, refuse to accept delivery and request that it be taken back to the store. Call the store while you are having it packed back up, and let them know that you will not accept faulty furniture, and that you expect it to be fixed.

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