Gift ideas for a 12-year old girl

It is often a challenge to come up with gift ideas for a 12-year-old girl. Twelve is an in-between age, not a child but not yet a teenager. The best way to ascertain gift ideas is to discover her interests and hobbies. Does she play sports, like to read, do crafts, or is interested in fashion? What colours does she like? The answers to these questions will help you select a gift she is sure to love.

Craft Gifts

A gift card to a nearby craft store is an easy choice. Or, fill a basket or other container with her favourite craft supplies, such as scrapbooking, jewellery making, sewing or painting. This thoughtful gift will keep your twelve year old busy, long after receiving the gift.

Fun Classes

A class in something your 12-year-old girl is interested in is a very welcome gift. These classes can range from swim lessons, cooking classes, arts and crafts, dance or music.

Magazines and Books

A subscription to a fashion or other type magazine is an idea for a 12 year old who loves to read. A subscription is a gift she will appreciate all year long. Another idea for a young book lover is a complete set of her favourite series.


Most girls will appreciate a gift of music. If she doesn't already have one, an iPod or mp3 player would be a coveted gift. Choose accessories for it, such as speakers or headphones if she already has an iPod.

Gift Cards

If your 12-year-old girl loves to shop, give her gift cards to her favourite stores. Offer to be her chauffeur for a day of shopping and take her to lunch. Consider an iTunes gift card to go with the iPod player you got here.

Gifts for her Room

A girl will appreciate a soft fleece throw or new bedding to help decorate her space. Add some toss pillows in faux fur or satin to make her bed cosy and cute. Gifts such as a new jewellery box, message board or display shelf will help organise her room.

Beauty Supplies

A twelve year old may be too young for make-up, but you could fill a colourful make-up bag with lotion, body spray, bubble bath, nail polish and lip balm. If she is interested in hairstyling, a hair dryer, flat iron or other hair tool makes a good gift. Include some pretty new hair accessories for creative hairstyling fun.

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