Diagnosis for a Honda Lawn Mower That Won't Start

Written by jennifer blair | 13/05/2017
Diagnosis for a Honda Lawn Mower That Won't Start
Check your Honda mower's spark plugs for wear and tear, which may prevent the mower from starting. (spark image by Zbigniew Nowak from Fotolia.com)

Honda lawnmowers make maintaining a lawn and backyard much easier for homeowners. There is a wide range of models to suit most needs, and many Honda mowers feature electric starters, which make starting your mower quicker and easier. From time to time, however, your mower may fail to start when it is time to cut your lawn. In order to fix your mower, you must be able to diagnose the issue that is preventing it from starting. Keep some basic tips in mind and you should be able to figure out the source of your Honda mower's trouble without taking it to a service centre.

Make Sure Switches and Levers Are in the Right Position

If a Honda mower does not start, the first step is to check that all the necessary switches and levers are in the right position. Some Honda models have throttle levers, which must be set to the "choke" position before starting the engine. Other Honda models may have a key switch, which must be turned to the "on" position to engage the engine if the recoil starter is in use.

Check the Fuel

There are several fuel issues that may prevent a Honda mower from starting. Mowers that are out of fuel will not start and must be refuelled before they are operational. A Honda mower may not start if the fuel is stale as well. If the mower is stored for long periods without draining or treating the gas, the gas may leave gum deposits that can clog the engine and prevent it from starting. Refuelling with bad gas may also leave the mower unable to start. If you suspect that there is an issue with the gasoline, drain the fuel tank and add fresh gas. Be sure to check that the fuel valve is in the "on" position as well because a Honda mower will not start if the fuel valve is turned to off.

Inspect the Spark Plugs

If a spark plug is improperly gapped or damaged in any way, a Honda mower may not start. Inspect the spark plugs for any signs of wear or tear. Replace or gap any damaged spark plugs before trying to start the mower again. If a spark plug is found to be wet with fuel, the engine may be flooded, which will prevent it from starting. Remove the spark plug and dry it before reinstalling.

Make Sure the Battery Is Charged

In some Honda mower models, the battery may be the issue when the engine fails to start. If the mower does not have an internal charging system, a plug-in charger must be used to recharge the battery or the engine will not start. The battery may require charging if it has been in storage for a long period of time or if the start motor speed suddenly decreases. Make sure to charge your battery before it will be stored for a prolonged period and again at the start of the mowing season.

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