Birthday Ideas for Turning 50

Updated February 21, 2017

A 50th birthday is a milestone birthday that is worthy of celebration and honour. Although many people turning 50 might dread reaching this age, for others, it may mark a transition period where they are finally able to do the things they've wanted to do all their lives. If someone you know is turning 50, take their sense of humour into account when planning a celebration and buying gifts. Be creative when planning celebrations.

Destination Birthdays

A 50th birthday is the perfect occasion to take that long dreamed of vacation. Although many people may equate 50 with old age, a dream vacation is the perfect way to celebrate life and prove you've still got a lot of living left to do. Whatever the dream destination, it is sure to be a trip to remember. The trip could be an intimate experience with spouses, or you can take a group trip with several friends. Depending on the size of your group, you may qualify for special discounts. You can go on a cruise with stops at several destinations. One major advantage to cruises is that they are all-inclusive--you pay one price for food, lodging and entertainment. The only spending money you'll need is for souvenirs or on-board cocktails. You can also find all-inclusive packages at resorts around the world, although you may want to look at packages that offer flexible itineraries. When planning this trip, make sure it caters to the interests of the birthday celebrant.

Birthday Parties

A birthday party is a memorable way to celebrate a 50th birthday. Surprise parties are enjoyable experiences for most, but it can be difficult to keep the surprise. A "This is Your Life" party is ideal if the celebrant is the sentimental type. This party celebrates the life of the person turning 50 by including pictures, videos, letters and other memorabilia from the past 50 years. The period of life after turning 50 is often referred to as "The Golden Years," so a "golden" theme party could be a great success. Decorations for this theme might include treasure chests full of fake gold and costume jewellery or treasure maps. A more serious way to celebrate this milestone party is to rent a banquet facility or private yacht and throw a classy celebration.

Gift Suggestions

Gag gifts are a fun and appropriate choice for the birthday celebrant with a sense of humour. These could be silly T-shirts or a gift package that includes items such as incontinence pads, pill boxes and a magnifying glass for the visually impaired. There are several books available that pay tribute to this milestone; some are full of funny passages while others contain sentimental poems and reflections. Practical gifts like watches, clothes, ties and gift cards are safe gifts for a 50th birthday.

Flight lessons, wine tasting, a few rounds of golf or tickets for dinner and a theatre show are memorable experience gifts. Nostalgic gifts such as CDs, DVDs, books and candy from the year or decade of birth provide the chance for reminiscence. Some people mark the occasion by giving 50 gifts over the course of a few weeks or days leading up to the birthday celebration. Give several inexpensive, lighthearted gifts at random, then give the serious, big gift at his party.

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