Ideas to Make a Poison Ivy Children's Costume

Updated February 21, 2017

Botanial Biochemistry class went bad for Pamela Lillian Isley, who became Poison Ivy, one of Batman's nemeses in the DC comic book series. The fiery redheaded villain is part plant, with creeping vines wrapped around her body. She is clever, funny and a great Halloween costume idea. Put together a cute Poison Ivy costume for a little girl quite simply.


The costume base is simple. Poison Ivy is wearing solid green and in the comic books it looks like a leotard or unitard of sorts. For a child, purchase a dark green leotard and some lighter green tights. The leotard can be long or short sleeved. There is a contrast between Ivy's legs and body so different shades of green should provide that. Leotards in various colours can be found at most dance stores or costume shops.


Ivy's telltale prop is her ivy. Buy some artificial green ivy garlands at a craft store, and wind them around your child's body. Use a glue gun to secure individual leaves to the constume in spots, or she can wrap the garland around her like a boa. Take loose leaves and glue them in various places around the arms and legs of the costume, concentrating on the chest and stomach area so it looks like Ivy is actually wearing the leaves. Reserve some leaves for the rest of the costume.


Ivy's hair is a bright red colour. Grab a child-sized red wig (if you have a Little Mermaid wig hanging around, that will work perfectly) and modify it a little bit. Take some of the leaves you had left over from the ivy, and glue or pin them into the wig. Tease the wig a little bit to make the hair look a bit poofy. Ivy has long, luxurious locks in the comics.


For a young child, skip the make-up. For a preteen or teen, add a little colour to her face. Use green eye shadow and a little bit of red lipstick to make Ivy's features stand out. For extra embellishment, use spirit gum or eyelash glue to place a leaf over each eyebrow.


Ivy wears green boots in the comics, but not everyone has those on hand. Any kind of boots will work, or you can modify what boots you have by covering them with green felt or paper. Grab some white gloves and dye them green if you want to add that look to the costume. In some photos Ivy is seen wearing elbow-length green gloves. Ivy is also seen sometimes holding a red rose or other flower. Grab an artificial rose and let your child carry it around. This will be the final touch for her Poison Ivy costume.

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