Great homemade birthday gifts for dad

Updated February 21, 2017

Show your dad how much you care about him with a homemade birthday gift. Homemade gifts are easier on the wallet than pre-bought items and can be more personal as well. Delight your dad with something handcrafted or baked goods made with love. Consider the recipient's favourite flavours, interests and hobbies when choosing a gift as an extra-special touch.

Handmade Luggage Tags

Handmade luggage tags make charming and useful gifts for dads on the go. If you father travels a lot for business, treat him to whimsical tags with which to remember you by. Gather vibrantly coloured craft felt and it into whimsical tag-sized shapes. Choose shapes according to your dad's interests, such as guitars for a musician, footballs and golf balls for a sports lover or coffee mugs for a coffee enthusiast. Trace around stencils to create perfect shapes and make a matching set for each tag. Cut a square out of one felt shape as an address window. Attach the two felt pieces together using craft glue, leaving an opening at the top. Cut similar-shaped pieces out of clear plastic sheets and slide one plastic piece into each tag. Cut small squares of card stock and write your dad's name and address onto them. Slide the address cards into the tags behind the plastic pieces so that they show through. Decorate the fronts of the tags with dimensional paints, markers or more felt. Cut a 3/4-wide slit at the top of the tag and thread a piece of ribbon through the slot for hanging.

Homemade Pancake Breakfast

Help kids create a homemade pancake breakfast for their dad on his birthday. Handmade treats are a delicious way to start off dad's special day. Make buttermilk pancakes from scratch or use a mix. Pour the pancake batter into a squeeze bottle, such as an empty chocolate syrup container for convenience. Assist kids in squirting the mix onto a hot griddle into a charming heart shapes. You can make other shapes, such as footballs and fish, as well. For precise shapes, make large round pancakes and use cookie cutters to transform them into designs. When the pancakes are ready to serve, have kids write special messages such as "Happy Birthday Dad," or "I Love You" on pancakes using icing or small blueberries.

Customised Coffee Mug

If your dad is a coffee lover, treat him to a handmade mug from which to drink his favourite brew. Buy a plain white ceramic coffee mug and several colours of enamel paints; avoid using acrylic paint, which will wash off of the mug. Use stencils and a thin-tipped brush to create designs such as golf balls and clubs, fishing poles and fish, horses or birds all over the mug. You can also use letter-shaped stencils to write your dad's name on the mug as a personalised touch. Allow the mug to air dry or bake the mug in a low-temp oven as directed on the enamel paint package.

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