List of Codes for the Philips Universal Remote

Updated February 21, 2017

The Phillips Universal Remote can be programmed for use on most major televisions, VCRs, DVD players and even satellite control boxes. It comes with an instruction manual that has a list of codes that are entered into the controller during set-up. The codes vary depending on the brand of the device, but codes may be shared between devices.


There are three different codes for Sony televisions. If one code doesn't work, try the next one. The codes are 202, 708 and 801. The code for Sony DVD players is 541. Sony Laser Disc players use the code 933, while their satellite control boxes use the codes 160 and 963.


Mitsubishi VCRs or Laser Disc players are not compatible with the Philips Universal Remote, but there are 10 codes for Mitsubishi televisions: 002; 102; 206; 502; 510; 619; 709; 803; 814; and 914. The code for Mitsubishi DVD players is 841.


Samsung televisions use one of 10 different codes: 002; 012; 102; 103; 112; 212; 502; 512; 818; and 914. There is only one code for Samsung DVD players--342. Samsung also makes satellite boxes, and 061 is the code for these boxes.


There are eight different codes for Panasonic televisions: 007; 107; 516; 608; 618; 718; 807; and 901. There are only two codes for DVD players: 641 and 741. Panasonic VCRs and satellite boxes are not compatible with the Phillips Universal Remote.


Sharp televisions use 10 different codes: 002; 013; 014; 111; 502; 712; 812; 813; 913; and 918. The one code necessary for the DVD players is 341. Sharp satellite boxes are not compatible with the Philips Universal Remote.


Naturally, the Phillips Universal Remote will work with all Phillips televisions, DVD players, laser disc players and satellite boxes. There are 15 different codes for Phillips televisions: 002; 009; 109; 202; 209; 210; 310; 402; 408; 508; 510; 807; 901; 914; and 917. Phillips DVD players use codes 441, 442 and 943. Phillips laser discs use 259, 565 and 862. Satellite boxes use the same three codes as the laser disc players.


Magnavox, while partnered with Phillips, has created its own group of electronics. There are eight different codes for Magnavox televisions: 002; 009; 109; 118; 209; 309; 402; and 408. DVD players use codes 441 and 442. Satellite boxes use codes 259, 565 and 862, which are the same codes used by Phillips satellite boxes.

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