How to reset a remote door lock on a saab

keyless remote image by Ray Kasprzak from

There are a number of reasons you may need to reset your remote door lock on your Saab automobile: You may have lost your key fob with your remote transmitter and ordered a replacement from the factory, or your original remote may have run out of batteries and needs to be reprogrammed. Also, in rare instances, busy toddlers may get hold of the remote transmitters, and, under the right circumstances, render them useless, in which case they will need to be reset.

Sit in the driver's seat of your Saab with both your key and the remote door lock transmitter for your Saab.

Place the key into the ignition and keep it in the "Off" position.

Pull the turn signal lever toward you, and hold it while turning the key in the ignition to the "On/Run" position and then to the "Lock/Off" position two times. Let go of the signal lever, and wait for the locks to lock and unlock and the horn to beep two times to signal that you are in programming mode.

Pick up your remote door lock transmitter and hit the "Lock" button within 30 seconds of entering the programming mode. The car locks will lock and unlock. Remove the key from the ignition to complete the programming mode.

Test your remote door lock transmitter to ensure that it works properly.

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