Sentimental Gifts for Boys

Updated February 21, 2017

Giving your son or young male relative a meaningful, sentimental gift can provide him with an item he will treasure well into his adult years. Sentimental items do not have to be large, expensive or complicated in order to have special meaning to the recipient. You can use relationships and hobbies to create special, sentimental gifts that a boy will treasure long after he has become a man.

Engraved Jewelry or Watch

Sentimental gifts do not have to be complicated gifts. Jewellery is small, easy to keep and lasts for decades. Buying a boy a jewellery item, including a chain with a small charm such as a cross or hobby item (baseball, football), a ring or a watch, and engraving a personalised message onto the item can be a good way to give him a classic sentimental gift.

Pass Down an Item

The most sentimental items are often the ones that have been passed down through generations. Consider giving your son or young male relative a meaningful item that belonged to his father or grandfather. Personal possessions, such as books, musical instruments, medals, trophies or tools, can be kept for years with relatively little effort and will provide the boy with a link to his heritage as well as a gift he can someday pass on to his own son.

Personalised Autograph Items

If your boy has a favourite athlete, celebrity or other personal hero, an item autographed by that person can be a fantastic gift. You may be able to send away for a personalised autographed picture from the person, or buy something that they have signed from a memorabilia store.


Plan a trip with the boy to do something he genuinely wants to do. Depending on the boy's interests, it could be a camping trip in a national park or attending a professional sporting event. Make sure to take lots of pictures and buy a few souvenirs. When you get home, write down your memories of the trip and put the letter with the souvenirs and pictures in a small scrapbook or memory box. The boy will have his memories of the fun time you had together long after most gifts have been forgotten, and the scrapbook or memory box will give him a tangible reminder of the time you spent together.

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