Gift ideas for a 70-year-old man

Updated July 20, 2017

Birthday gifts are best when they're personal. Considering the birthday boy's personality (and your relationship to him) provides valuable hints in picking out a gift that shows you care. However, landmark birthdays, like a 70th, provide an opportunity to give meaningful gifts based on age.


Gather up as many treasured photos or old home videotapes and take them to a copy shop. There you can convert these ageing timepieces to a DVD or computer video file. Preserving these memories into a easily accessible media is a thoughtful way to show someone you recognise and value their personal history. This can even be done at home with a scanner and a computer photo program. As an interesting option, try adding a soundtrack to your video or photo slide show.


It's a stereotype to assume all men love sports, but the fact remains that many men are big sports fans. If the 70-year-old in your life is a golf fanatic or a cricket devotee, there are a plethora of possible gifts. Search for a retrospective book on old stadiums, a subscription to a golfers magazine, jerseys, caps, jackets or furnishing emblazoned with his favourite club's logo. A year's subscription to a special satellite package can help keep your 70-year-old abreast of every game of the season. For the fan who has it all, tickets to a game can create a special memory for both of you.


If your 70-year-old doesn't let age stop him from death-defying stunts, support his sense of adventure. You don't exactly have to join him on a skydive, but if he's a jumper, maybe get him a new pair of goggles. Or, join him for a trip on a hot air balloon. If flying lessons, a trip to a firing range or a night camping out are in his personality, do what you can to make those adventurous dreams a reality.


Few things conjure up memories like music. Luckily, many popular recordings from the day's of a 70-year-old's youth have been repackaged, often in deluxe-edition box sets. More and more unused recordings and footage of popular artists have been dusted off and put on the market. Pick up a reissue and bring back memories for the 70-year-old in your life.

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