Ideas for a Six-Month Anniversary for a Boyfriend

For a six-month anniversary, finding the right gift may be a bit challenging. Since you are still rather new in the relationship, you don't want to go too over the top, but you want to find something somewhat meaningful enough to show you care. Give your boyfriend a little token to celebrate the small yet significant milestone in your relationship.

Gadget Accessory

You don't want to spend too much money on a gift, as this is only the halfway point to the big one-year anniversary. If your boyfriend is into electronics and owns an iPod, MP3 player, laptop, iPhone or other mobile electronic device, give him an accessory to go along with it. For example, buy a nice laptop carrier for him to stylishly and comfortably carry around his laptop computer. Or buy him some high-tech headphones for listening to music. Another idea is a sleeve to go over his portable device--choose his favourite colour, or personalise it with his name or a design he would like. If you want to add a little something extra with this theme, buy a gift token to purchase music or applications online, or buy a nice CD that makes you think of each other.

Homemade Gift

Put a little extra thought and effort into a gift by crafting something yourself. Find your favourite photo of you two together and print it out, or put together a collage of all your favourite photos. Then buy a nice frame for the photos. Buy a thick, wood frame that you can easily write on with pretty markers, and write a cute message to him on the frame. Another homemade surprise he would appreciate is baked goods. Bake him a "happy anniversary" cake, brownies or his favourite cookies. Most men will love to indulge in a sweet that you whipped up just for him.


Take him on a special adventure that you two can experience together. For example, go kayaking, sailing or hiking. Doing an activity together builds unity between you both and allows for some quality time together. Pack a picnic of some champagne, cheese and crackers, fruit and chocolate-covered strawberries so you will have something tasty to snack on after the fun-filled activity. Find a nice, peaceful outdoor area to sit and enjoy the outdoors together.

Items for his Home

Chances are after only six months of dating, his place still looks like a single guy's bachelor pad. Help him to spruce up his place a bit with some things he may not be into getting for himself. Get him some nice, plush towels in a masculine colour like blue or grey for his bathroom. Or maybe get him a high-end shaving kit or some male skin care products. He might like a nice throw or blanket that he can cosy up with on the sofa--if he has a favourite sports team, find a throw that has his team's emblem on it. Or buy some nice, plush silk sheets for his bed. Avoid girlie colours, as you don't want to scare him into thinking you are moving in too soon, but he would appreciate having nicer things now that he has a girl around.

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