Wedding favor tag wording ideas

Updated July 20, 2017

After you have spent time and money on your wedding favours--those small gifts for your wedding guests--you'll want the perfect wording for the tags. The tag on a wedding favour is your personal expression of love and thanks to those attending your wedding. The tags should reflect your personalities, interests and creativity. The wording shouldn't be long or complicated.


If you are having a traditional wedding and reception, tried-and-true wording might be your best choice. You can't go wrong with simply saying "Thank You" followed by your names and wedding date. Keeping it simple is especially true when the gift, such as a photograph or CD of your favourite music, is already personal. Another traditional approach is to use common wedding phrases like, "To Have and to Hold," "To Love and to Cherish," or your names followed by "United Forever" and then your wedding date.


Weddings are all about love, so why not say so. Using phrases about love express your feelings about each other and also about your guests. Some examples of love-themed wedding favour tags include, "Thank You for Attending the Celebration of Our Love," or "Given with Our Love." If your favour is something sweet, like candy or cookies, consider, "You are So Sweet for Attending Our Wedding." If your gift is a candle or matches, you could say, "You Make Our Love Shine Bright." Expressions of love can be sentimental or funny, whichever is your style or appropriate to the gift.

Religion and Spirituality

One of the best places to find thoughts on love, marriage and appreciation is in scripture. Couples looking for something religious or spiritual should consult the religious works of their faith. Two popular phrases from 1 Corinthians, as an example, are "Love is Patient, Love is Kind," and "The Greatest of These is Love."

Spiritually inspired verses about marriage also can be found in other cultures and philosophies. For example, a Hindu marriage prayer that would be appropriate for a wedding favour tag is, "When the one man loves the one woman and the one woman loves the one man, the very angels desert heaven and sit in that hour and sing for joy."

Because scripture phrases tend to be long, consider printing the wording on a scroll tied with a ribbon, which in itself is a sacred symbol.


If you're a modern or nontraditional couple, think about using quotations from pop culture. Movies, books, poetry and music are suitable places to search for quotations that are more contemporary or secular. Some examples include "All You Need is Love" (John Lennon, songwriter), "Love is Love's Reward" (John Dryden, poet), and "God, the Best Maker of All Marriages, Combine Your Hearts into One" (William Shakespeare, playwright). And don't be afraid to be a poet yourself.

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