Types of self-employed jobs

According to Kelly Services, many people are becoming self-employed for a number of reasons, one being the current recession. Self-employed individuals have the benefit of being in charge of their own job security. Another benefit is the ability to work the hours you choose, allowing the freedom to attend school functions, spend a day at the beach, or run errands. Savings from having lunch at home, instead of eating at restaurants, can be quite sizeable over the course of a year. The most rewarding benefit of being self-employed is having a job that you know you enjoy.


Individuals who have experience in the areas of carpentry, electrical and plumbing work may choose to become a handyman. In every home, there is a need for repairs of some type, whether it comes from storm damage, pests such as termites, or normal wear. Tasks such as painting, wood replacement, appliance installation, tile work and home weatherization many times call for the experience of the handyman. Home additions and remodels are often a part of the handyman's offerings, also.

Freelance Business Developer

Business developers play an important role in the success of businesses of all sizes. The primary duty of a business developer is to bring new clients to a business, either by contacting them in person, by e-mail or by telephone to set up appointments for a member of the sales team. Ideally, the relationship of a business developer and a new client should begin with the initial conversation and continue through the life of the partnership. According to Business Development Crossing, sales is not the responsibility of the business developer, but building rapport with potential and existing clients helps to ensure future business. People who are interested in freelance business development should be friendly, polite and have knowledge of communications etiquette. Experience in creating call lists and appointment scheduling are important qualifications, as well.

Lawn Care Service

A well-manicured lawn is pleasant to look at. It takes hard work to accomplish the goal of a smooth, lush green lawn. Those who enjoy working outdoors may decide to pursue business as a self-employed lawn care technician. Basics to know are proper cutting height for specific types of grass, keeping the mower blade sharp, and mowing safety. For those with more experience, fertilising and weed control may be considered and, for the expert, landscaping can be a creative outlet.

Professional Cake Maker

Special occasions such as weddings, birthdays and holidays call for special cakes. A professional cake maker creates sweet treats to please the eye and the palate. Typically, each cake is unique, made from specific directions given by the client, such as shape, colour, texture and flavour. According to Education Portal, a creative mind and artistry skills are needed as the cake maker works with different types of cake mixes, fondants, icings, gels and flavourings to create tasty, unique masterpieces.

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