Unusual shoe storage ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

Unusual shoe storage options help you keep your shoes organised while adding an interesting display element to your home or bedroom. Shoes are meant to be seen, and if you have enough to shoes to need additional storage options, you have an opportunity that is ideally suited for display. Consider some unusual types of shoe storage to keep your collection in full view.

China Cabinet

A china cabinet has sturdy shelving that is the right height for displaying your best shoes. Line the shoes up side by side and sort them according to colour. You can choose to go from lightest shoes at the top to darker shoes at the bottom, or you might choose to create a patchwork effect of colour. Some china cabinets even have interior lighting, which allows you to put the spotlight on your favourite pairs. A china cabinet is a way to display your shoes while keeping them upright and out of the way.

Shoe Wheel

A shoe wheel allows you to store your shoes in a Ferris-wheel-like arrangement, with the toes pointed toward the hub. Spin the wheel to get to the shoes that you want, and use the wheel to store shoes that are generally the same shape but are in different colours to get a rainbow effect. Place the wheel on a cabinet that you can access easily, or leave it on the floor to draw the eye.

Clear Shoebox

Clear shoe boxes allow you to see your shoes even as you keep them stored, but take the extra step into using them to build a wall. If you have a lot of shoes in a variety of colours, place each pair into a clear shoebox and create a visual design with the now-visible shoes. For example, you can create a base using all of your black and brown shoes and then use the other shoes to create layers of colour. Similarly, you can intersperse the brightly-coloured shoes with the darker shoes for a textured, dappled effect.

Shoe Tree

If you only have a few pairs of shoes that you rotate in and out, consider using a shoe tree to keep them in good shape. A shoe tree has padded prongs where you can hang your shoes up. They provide storage that allows the shoes to keep their shape, and they are an elegant, simple solution when you do not want to use floor space or wall space for a larger storage unit.

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