Types of Pillsbury Crescent Rolls

Written by ann johnson | 13/05/2017
Types of Pillsbury Crescent Rolls
Embellish crescent rolls by adding flavourful poppy or sesame seeds. (Crescent rolls image by Monika 3 Steps Ahead from Fotolia.com)

Pillsbury’s pre-made crescent roll dough allows you to bake up fresh crescent rolls without having to make the dough yourself. The prepared dough is sold in tube-shaped packages in the refrigerated section of your grocery store. Pillsbury offers a variety of crescent roll options to the consumer.


The Original Pillsbury Crescent dough unrolls into a long, rectangular sheet of pastry pre-scored in triangle-shapes, which are pulled apart and rolled up to form the traditional crescent shape. Although typically served as a hot bread roll accompanying a meal, try wrapping each triangle around a hot dog or sausage, and then baking to make pigs in a blanket.

Big and Flaky

For the consumer looking for supersized crescent rolls, Pillsbury makes Big and Flaky Crescents. Each roll is almost twice as large as the Original Crescent, but has the same taste and texture.

Butter Flake Crescents

Similar to the Original Crescent, the Butter Flake Crescent provides a richer, buttery flavour. The host who wishes to streamline the buffet line might select the Butter Flake Crescent over the Original, to eliminate the need for a side of butter.

Garlic Butter

Instead of traditional garlic bread, serve Garlic Butter Crescents, which are similar to the Butter Flake Crescents but with a zesty garlic seasoning. Use them to create, among other delights, pizza bites, made by wrapping each triangle around a piece of Italian sausage, baking and serving with pizza sauce.

Reduced Fat Crescents

Pillsbury makes the Reduced Fat Crescents for the consumer looking for a product with less fat than the original crescent. The Original Crescent has about 110 calories per roll, 54 of which come from fat. The Reduced Fat Crescent has about 90 calories. with 40 of those from fat.

Place and Bake Rounds

Instead of the triangle-shaped dough, Place and Bake Rounds come in round shapes, similar to in size to a biscuit. Use the individual rounds to make creative soon-to-be-favourites such as Danish-style pastries, chicken-stuffed puffs, quiche cups and pot stickers.

Recipe Creations

Recipe Creations is a long, rectangular sheet of pastry, without the triangular cutouts. The lack of pre-scored triangles allows the consumer to more easily use the pastry sheet in creative recipes such as coffee cake, pot pie, cobbler, pretzels and mini sandwiches.

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