Inexpensive Birthday Card Ideas for Dads

Updated February 21, 2017

A homemade card you create yourself will bring dad more joy than a store-bought one. Put your time, thought and creativity into a sentimental or funny card he'll enjoy reading on this special day. You don't have to be an artist or poet to make a wonderful birthday card for your father.


Dads love to remember when their adult children were babies. Take your favourite photo of an infant you and your dad and print it out on your computer or get a copy of the photo made so you can keep the original picture intact. Cut the photo into the shape of a heart or a square and glue it to the front of your card. You can make your card out of card stock or construction paper. Decorate the front of your card with rubber stamps, stickers or other embellishments. Inside the card write a poem or paragraph about how much he means to you.


Make a list of what you love about your dad or what he's taught you. Add silly items such as how he taught you to drive without ever going over 30 miles an hour, or how he'd let you stay up late and watch scary movies. Print out the list on your computer and put it inside a card you've made to give him a funny walk down memory lane.

Back In The Day

Go to a website such as where you can learn what was popular when your dad was born. Print them out and give him a copy. He'll be amused remembering what the top songs and popular television shows were and what was going on in the news that special year. For added fun, print out one for the year you were born so you can reminisce together about those special days.

Handprint Card

For young children, create a card dad will treasure always. Help paint kids' hands with washable craft paint and place them on card stock or paper to create a lasting memento of their handprints. Have each child write their name, as best they can, and the date next to their handprints and a special message to their daddy. He will adore this sweet handprint card.

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