Types of baking pans for convection oven cooking

Written by heather montgomery | 13/05/2017
Types of baking pans for convection oven cooking
Almost any pan will work well in a convection oven. (metal baking image by Valery Sibrikov from Fotolia.com)

A convection oven uses hot air to bake and brown your food evenly. The heating element of a convection oven is on the back of the oven, and the oven uses a fan to circulate the air. Many convection ovens offer three settings: convection, convection bake and standard bake. Convection uses only air; standard bake uses only the bottom element, like a conventional oven; and convection bake uses both the bottom element and air. You can use any pan you use for a conventional oven, with some adjustment in settings.

Metal Baking Pans

A convection oven works well with aluminium and light-coloured metal pans. Dark or anodised cookware will brown quickly in your oven. You may still use this type of cookware; just keep an eye on your dish to avoid over-browning.

Glass or Earthenware

Glass, ceramics and clay pans will work in your convection oven. Due to less effective heat conduction in these materials, use your standard or convection bake setting to use the bottom element. Heating the pan from the bottom will assist in even cooking.

Cast Iron

Cast iron is much like a glass or earthenware pan; you will need to use the standard or convection bake setting for proper cooking.

Roast Pans

For roast pans, purchase a V-shaped roasting rack. Having the meat elevated above the pan will allow the hot air to flow around the meat and brown and bake your roast evenly.

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