How to Microwave Penne Pasta

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Penne pasta has a cylinder shape and it often is cooked al dente to prevent the noodles from having a mushy texture. Instead of preparing the pasta on the hob or in the oven, you can cook it in the microwave. Cooking penne pasta in the microwave frees up space on the hob and it does not create a mess. After you cook the penne pasta, top it with your favourite sauce, cheese or seasonings.

Pour 170 to 227gr. of penne pasta into a microwave-safe container. The cooking container needs to hold the pasta and the water.

Pour boiling water over the pasta to cover it completely. Cover the pasta with four parts of water to one part of pasta for best results. Adding too much water may overcook the pasta or cause it to spill in the microwave.

Place cling film over the bowl to cover it. Poke two to three holes in the plastic with a toothpick to allow the steam to escape. Place the pasta in the microwave.

Set the microwave on high. Cook the pasta for seven to eight minutes. Stir the pasta and examine it to determine if the pasta has reached your doneness preference. Continue to microwave the pasta in 60-second intervals until it finishes cooking to avoid overcooking it.

Remove the pasta carefully from the microwave. Drain the cooked pasta in a colander.

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