Sharp Carousel Microwave Defrost Instructions

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The digital touch pad control panel on Sharp Carousel microwaves allows you to program your microwave to defrost foods in two ways: with preset heat and time settings based on food type and weight using primarily the "Defrost" key, or by changing the power level using the "Power Level" key. As the control panel is a touch pad, using these settings requires only that you know the approximate weight of the food and which button to push.

Look at the defrost chart on your Sharp Carousel microwave for the type of food that you need to defrost and a setting number beside it. Typically, the chart is located on the control panel or along the top of the oven frame when you open the door. If your microwave doesn't have a chart, don't worry; you can program it using the "Defrost" key based on the food's weight.

Place the food inside the oven in a microwaveable dish. If you're dealing with food stored in plastic, run hot water over the bottom of the plastic container to loosen the food from it, then place the food in a glass, ceramic or other nonplastic microwave-safe dish.

Touch the "Defrost" key. If you're model has a defrost chart, touch the setting number that corresponds to the food type you're trying to defrost, then enter the weight between 0.227kg. and 1.36kg. -- for example, push "1" and "0" to input 0.454kg. or "1.0" on the display, or push "0" and "5" to input 0.227kg. If your model doesn't have a chart, push the "Defrost" key repeatedly until the number on the display matches the food weight.

Push the "Start" key and wait for the microwave to prompt you to check the food. When the cycle halts, turn the food or shift it around in the container so that it can heat evenly; then push "Start" again. Repeat this process as necessary if prompted multiple time during a long defrost cycle.

Wait three to five minutes after "End" appears on the display before removing the food from the oven.

Place the food in a microwaveable dish and put it in your microwave.

Enter a defrost time in minutes on the touch pad -- each pound, or 2 to 3 cups, of food takes around five minutes to defrost.

Push the "Power Level" key repeatedly until you see "P -- 30" on the display (30 per cent power level).

Check the food every two to three minutes -- turning or shifting it as needed so that it can heat evenly. Add additional time in 60-second intervals at 30 per cent power as needed if the food isn't defrosted after the time that you set has elapsed.

Wait three to five minutes after the food has defrosted before removing it from the oven.

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