Hubby's 40th Birthday Gift Ideas

Updated April 17, 2017

Turning 40 is an important milestone; it marks the transition into middle age. When your husband turns 40, he might feel insecure or uncomfortable about being "over the hill." Therefore, finding a special gift is important, one that lets him know how special turning 40 really is. The gift should be a memorable one, and it can be sentimental or even playful.

Watches and Jewelry

A new watch can help remind your husband that turning 40 still leaves him a lot more time, and that the time he has can be used to do anything he wants. Picking out a new timepiece or piece of men's jewellery, like a ring or necklace, will show him how valuable he is to you.


Taking a piece of jewellery, watch or other personal object of your husband's and having it engraved is another way of celebrating the milestone. Have an engraver write a message on the back of a watch or on the inside of his wedding band letting him know how much you love him and how you can't wait to celebrate every birthday to come with him.


Take your husband shopping for a new wardrobe to celebrate his 40th birthday. In a metaphorical sense, you can help him "over the hill" by giving him a new look while keeping his unique sense of style intact. A new suit for work and some casual weekend shirts and trousers are a good way to help him achieve a fresh yet mature look.

Vacations and Retreats

Surprise your husband with a mini-vacation or a retreat, even if it's just for a long weekend. Forty is an important birthday, so doing something out of the ordinary like taking a trip somewhere your husband loves is a good way to show him how important it is to celebrate.

Gag Gifts

In addition to getting your husband a special, sentimental gift for his 40th birthday, make him laugh with a humorous gift. A coffee mug with a picture of his face on it or an oversized pair of boxers can relieve some of the anxiety your husband may have about turning 40.

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