Ideas for Hens' Night Invitations

Updated November 21, 2016

Also known as a hen party, "hens night" is a night for women to celebrate the upcoming nuptials of the bride-to-be. If you are hosting your own hens night party, you will need to send invitations to your guests giving them the details about the time, date and location. An invitation is more than just a way to deliver information, it is a clever way to set the tone of the event. Invitations can indicate the party's theme and whether it is casual or formal.


The wording of your invitations can help set the tone of the event itself. In most cases, hens nights are casual, women-only affairs. Something as simple as "Hen's night out!" or a funny poem can help set the casual feel of the night. However, if your party is more formal in tone, your invitation should indicate this with mention of a dress code and formal wording. For example, "You are cordially invited to the women-only celebration of BRIDE in honour of her upcoming nuptials."


If you do not want to have a traditional hen do, it is unlikely that you will need conventional invitations either. In this technological age, it is becoming increasingly popular to send out electronic invitations or "evites" via social networking sites. Other unconventional hen's night party invitations are ones that aren't even on paper, such as ones printed on T-shirts. Because it is a hens party, try filling plastic Easter eggs with the party information and mailing this to party guests.

Chicken or Egg-Shaped

Chicken or egg-shaped party invitations are favourites of hens night events. You can find invitations or paper die-cuts in these shapes in paper and art supply stores. Keep the tone of these invitations feminine and festive. For example, add ribbon and sequins to chicken-shaped paper cutouts to resemble jewellery. If cutting out egg shapes on your own, cut them out of pink or textured paper to symbolise the feminine tone of the night. Instead of paper cutouts, you can also use rubber stamps to add a customised touch to the invitations.


Your invitation is an opportunity to introduce the theme of the party to the invited guests. This can help set the tone for the night. For example, if the hens night is Hawaiian luau-themed, tie invitations to colourful leis and pass the leis out to your party guests. If the party is Hollywood glamour-themed, print out the invitations on star-shaped paper.

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