How to debone a goose

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Geese are a type of poultry not used for cooking as often as chicken, duck or turkey. In size they are between a duck and a turkey, weighing around 9 to 18 pounds, with 10 to 14 pounds being the usual weight. The breast meat of goose is dark meat with a full-bodied flavor and larger geese tend to have more tender breast meat. You can purchase a goose that has been deboned by a butcher, or you can debone it yourself at home.

Place the goose on a chopping board with the breast side down.

Make a slice down the length of the back of the goose from the neck to the tail with a sharp knife. Use short sharp strokes with the knife close to the bones to carefully cut the flesh away. Follow along the ribs to the top of the breastbone.

Use the point of the knife to “pop” the ball and socket joints out where the wing and thigh bones attach to the carcase. Repeat with the other side of the bird. The flesh will now only be attached along the ridge of the breastbone Cut this carefully and pull gently to separate the breastbone from the flesh, as the skin tears easily.

Remove the thigh bones by scraping the flesh from the bone then cut around the skin at the base of the leg and pull the bone out. Chop the wing tips completely off and use the same process to remove the rest of the wing bone. Reposition the wing and leg meat so that the skin side is out.

The deboned goose is now ready for the next stage of preparation or to be stored in the refrigerator.

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