How long do goose eggs last?

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One goose egg generally equals about four large chicken eggs in baking or for making omelettes and other egg-based dishes. The taste of a wild or farm-raised goose egg is milder than a chicken egg; it has a firmer texture, even when raw.

Obtaining Goose Eggs

Goose eggs can be obtained online or by local farmers. Their shells are generally tougher and thicker than chicken eggs, making transport and delivery a little less tedious.

Storing Goose Eggs

If you will not be using the eggs right away, they can be covered in a refrigerator for up to 3 weeks depending on how old they were when you got them.

Freezing Goose Eggs

If goose eggs are in danger of going bad, they can be frozen. Break open the eggs and discard the shells. You can put the eggs in freezer-safe zip-style bags one or two at a time. Eggs frozen this way do not hold their taste, generally, scrambled or in omelettes.


If you'd rather incubate the egg instead of eating it, you will need to do so as soon as you receive it. A fertilised egg can generally be held between 7.77 and 22.2 degrees C for up to 10 days without decreasing its hatchability.

Fun Fact

Decorating goose egg shells is particularly satisfying because they are so large. You need to "blow" out the egg by poking a pin hole in both ends of the egg and blowing the raw egg into a bowl for cooking. The egg shell can be rinsed, dried and decorated.

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