School Reunion Party Ideas

Updated March 23, 2017

Many adults delight in visiting with their old school chums at a school reunion party. These events give former students the opportunity to see just how much their classmates have changed and catch up with friends from their youth. By planning an assortment of nostalgic activities for your reunion event you can create an environment conducive to socialisation and encourage guests to engage in reflection upon their school years.

Disposable Camera Photographers

Capture every moment of your reunion by turning guests into disposable camera photographers. Purchase disposable cameras, and place them on each table. Alert guests to the presence of these cameras, and encourage them to pick them up and snap shots throughout the evening. After the event, have these images developed. Scan the prints into the computer and upload them to a class website. Inform guests of this web address at the event, or place the address on a post-event thank you card.

Trivia Question Table Dismissal

As guests get ready to partake in a reunion meal, turn the event into a festive game with trivia question table dismissals. Prior to your event, compose an assortment of trivia questions pertaining to the school from which your guests graduated. Present these questions to the MC of the event, and ask him to use them when dismissing tables to get their food. Pose each question to the room and select a table to answer the query. If the table answers correctly, allow them to head up to the line.

Picture "Re-Takes"

Relive old memories with picture "re-takes". Sort through your old yearbooks and collect an assortment of images that easily could be replicated, such as two friends with their arms over each others' shoulders. As the students who are pictured in the original images arrive at the event, pull them aside and show them the old images. Ask them to recreate the pose as well as they can. Create a memory book to mail out to guests after the event featuring these creative picture re-imaginings.

"Where are they Now" Quiz

Test guests' knowledge of their classmates' current pursuits with a "Where are they Now" quiz. When you send out your event invitation, include an RSVP card on which you ask guests to write a summary of what they are doing now. Pull these cards out periodically throughout the event and read the individual's account of his current activities. Allow other guests to guess which classmate wrote the summary based upon the previous knowledge of the individual as well as the conversations they had that evening.

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