The Best Gifts for a 3-Year-Old Girl

Updated July 20, 2017

A three-year-old girl should receive some gifts that support her hobbies. Practical gifts are a great idea as well. Parents spend a lot on toddlers' clothes and activities so a practical gift should be greatly appreciated by them. Three-year-olds can lose their interest in items fast so an inexpensive gift might be the best approach.


Toys are the perfect gift because children love to play. Examine the interests of the toddler before choosing her gift. Some three-year-old girls are into really girlie items, such as dolls. Some items to purchase might be a Cinderella doll or a kids' kitchen. Some girls who love being active might enjoy an outdoor sandbox or an indoor tent. Another option is to purchase sports equipment that the child can use with her parents.


Kids go through clothes very fast so a parent should appreciate a few outfits. A three-year-old girl can use a few nice outfits for Easter and Christmas as well as her birthday. A sweater with hearts and matching pink trousers is a wonderful gift for Valentine's Day. Another idea is to send several items of practical clothing for every day use, such as stretch trousers and T-shirts. In addition, give a few pairs of colourful sock and hats.

Support for the Girl's Hobbies

Purchase a gift that supports the three-year-old girl's hobbies. A girl who collects dolls might love an antique doll or a doll that you pick up while travelling overseas. A girl who enjoys playing dress up might love some costumes or pretty dresses. Another idea is to give the girl a kit with beads to create jewellery. Alternatively, give the girl an easel with paints and canvas so she can practice art. Books on the girl's topic of interest are a nice gift idea as well.

Inexpensive Items

Little kids lose their interest in toys quickly. Even if you purchase a nice gift, you might want to add a few inexpensive items as well. Some inexpensive gift ideas include plastic toy animals and a journal. Another idea is to purchase clothes that are slightly off season because the girl still might wear them around the house. Alternatively, give the girl a purple hairbrush or a homemade item.

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