The Best Gifts for a 20-Year-Old Sister

Buying gifts can be a difficult task, but buying them for a sibling is often harder. Depending on the time and money that you can invest, a number of gift options are available. For a 20-year-old woman, there are an array of possibilities. Find out her likes and dislikes to come up with an idea.,

Expensive Gifts

Though these can be pricey, MP3 music players are worthy of consideration. Ranging from £31 up to £325, as of September 2010, these MP3 players can be found online or within the electronic section of most discount department stores. Used MP3 players command lower prices.

A laptop is a helpful gift if your 20-year-old sister is attending college. Laptop computers can cost from £194 to £974, as of September 2010. Mini laptops, often called netbooks, range from £194 to £227. Again, cheaper laptops can be found online or within the electronics sections of stores.

Moderately Priced Gifts

Gift cards tend to be good presents if you're unsure of your 20-year-old sister's specific interests. Find out her favourite restaurant, music store or clothing brands and buy a gift card. This allows your sister find an item she wants in a place she frequents.

If your sister is college-bound, any dorm room accessory would be helpful. Find out if she needs anything for her desk. Perhaps she needs a coffee maker, a laundry basket or an extra set of sheets. Look for something small, but useful.

Low-cost or Free Gifts

Though homemade gifts may seem corny, making a scrapbook or photo album is a good way to share happy moments. Turn photos into a hardbound book, using online photography sites or your corner chemist's photo department. A compact disc of pictures, meaningful songs or videos are also meaningfu.

If your 20-year-old sister likes the outdoors, find a place to hike or ride a bike. Depending on the weather, take a day trip to the beach or a nearby lake. Invite some of her friends for a relaxing, fun get together. Make it a potluck dinner for more of a party feel.

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