Barbie babysitting games

Barbie Babysitting games are available online and can provide educational entertainment for children. Games include keeping baby happy, dressing and feeding a baby, and assisting a baby with potty training. Online Barbie babysitting games feature the signature Barbie shade of pink and cute graphics. The music and sound effects are delightful and do not distract from the game play.

Barbie Babysitter Maze

Barbie Babysitter Maze is a fast-paced maze game. According to the Barbie Games website, Barbie must keep the baby happy and not let him cry while mom is away from the house. Using the arrow keys, Barbie must navigate the maze of the house and the yard to collect items that the baby wants. Barbie has to collect baby bottles, cute fuzzy teddy bears, and cute baby rattles and bring them all back to baby before he starts to cry. The faster Barbie can collect all the items, the higher her score. If baby starts to cry before Barbie collects all the items, the player will lose points. Watch out for a white puppy with brown spots. The puppy is wandering around the house and in the yard. If Barbie runs into the puppy while collecting items for the baby, she will lose points and the puppy will slow her down.

Babysit Baby Krissy

Begin this interactive Barbie babysitting game by entering your name and clicking “next.” According to, Barbie begins by shopping for food for baby Krissy. The player must select from healthy foods and junk food. The player has the option to select various fruits and vegetables, such as carrots, bananas and apples. After shopping for healthy food, Barbie has to help baby Krissy get dressed. Krissy has to eat lunch and Barbie has to feed her. The player selects between a bowl of baby food or a bottle, or both. The player may also want to wipe Krissy’s mouth if she makes a mess with the food. The object of the game is to take good care of baby Krissy by purchasing healthy food, dressing the baby appropriately and feeding her when she is hungry. Upon successful completion of the game, the player is awarded an official babysitter certificate that can be printed.

Potty Race

According to the website, Barbie has to babysit and help potty train her little sister in this educational game. Barbie’s little sister needs to go to the potty and the game begins on the first floor of Barbie’s home. The player must click to open baby gates on the way to the bathroom. There are lots of toys in the way and those have to be moved before little sister can proceed to the bathroom. The player can collect toilet paper along the way for extra points. If little sister runs into a toy along the way, she will stop to play with the toy. Move all the toys so that Barbie’s little sister can get to the bathroom before it is too late. Three maze levels are in this game, each more difficult and with more obstacles. The player needs to use a mouse to play this maze game.

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