How to Connect a GameCube to a Laptop

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The Nintendo GameCube is one of the better video game systems of the last generation, but with all the newer systems taking up your time and space, the GameCube may be left behind. Make room to play your GameCube by connecting it to your computer laptop or desktop with the help of the GameBridge.

Purchase the Adaptec GameBridge USB 2.0 Edition AVC-1400.

Insert the GameBridge installation CD into your laptop. The GameBridge installation window will automatically be displayed.

Click "Install" GameBridge. Make sure the GameBridge is not plugged into your computer, then click "Continue."

Connect GameBridge to your laptop using the provided USB cable.

Connect GameBridge to your GameCube using the provided 4-in-1 audio/video cable.

When the "Found New Hardware Wizard" pop-up window opens, three options will appear. Select the "No, not at this time" option and click "Next."

A hardware installation window will pop-up giving you two options. Select the "Continue Anyways" option.

Select "Install the Software Automatically" and click "Next." Your laptop will detect the new hardware.

Click "Finish" to complete the USB loader installation.

The "Found New Hardware Wizard" window will pop-up again. This time to install the drivers for the GameBridge. Repeat Steps 6 through 9.

The InterVideo Home Theater software installer launches automatically. Follow the on-screen instructions.

After the installation is complete, click "Yes," to restart the computer.

Double-click the InterVideo Home Theater icon from your computer's laptop/desktop.

Select the GameBridge option.

Insert a game into your GameCube and it will immediately start in the main GameBridge window.