Ideas for stuffed balloons

Updated February 21, 2017

Stuffed balloons are balloons that are filled with gifts or with decorative items. They are a creative way to present someone with a present, and they can also be used to add an element of visual variety to a party. There are many items that can go into a stuffed balloon, so consider what event you are purchasing for, and what the recipient might enjoy.

Other Balloons

When you are using stuffed balloons exclusively for decorative purposes, consider filling them with smaller balloons. For a very simple effect, choose a single balloon of a solid colour that nearly fills the outer balloon. For something more festive and playful, fill the larger balloon with several small balloons and allow them to float freely inside the larger balloon. Several of these balloons can be used to create a busy, colourful effect, or you can plant them at various spots around the room so that they stand out more.


Look for a service that will place alcohol into a stuffed balloon for you. A case of beer is ideal for someone who has just turned 21, while a bottle of wine is perfect for an anniversary. You may also present someone with a bottle of their favourite liquor inside a balloon for their birthday or other special occasion.

Stuffed Animals

Stuffed balloons with stuffed animals inside are an excellent choice for small children. The child can pop the balloon to get to the animal. Choose the child's favourite animal and include a card inside as well. You may also fill the balloon with several small stuffed animals, or with other balloons as well to make it look fuller. A stuffed animals can also mark a special occasion for young adults, so consider offering a new graduate a stuffed animal inside a balloon.


An entire bouquet can be displayed inside a stuffed balloon. Choose the recipient's favourite flowers and present them in a clear balloon. You may also choose a balloon that is shaped like a heart to reinforce your romantic message. For a simple effect, choose a single flower enclosed in a smaller balloon. Roses are a classic choice, but also consider colourful lilies, orchids or pansies.

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