How Long Can a Helium Tank Be Stored?

A helium tank is a tank that is used to store the gas helium. Helium is the second lightest gas and is lighter than air. Helium is often used in heavy industry and is most commonly used by the general public to fill up balloons. The helium is discharged from the tank via a valve and a nozzle.

How Long Can A Helium Tank Be Stored?

A helium tank can be stored for as long as necessary provided that it is not damaged. Helium is a gas and cannot go bad. The only way to release gas from a helium tank other than damage to the tank, causing a leak or explosion, is opening the pressure valve on the tank.

Safety Precautions

A helium tank stores contents under pressure, and care should be taken when dispensing helium from a tank. Make sure during transport of the tank that it is stored in place where the least turbulence will occur. Once the tank is to its desired destination, make sure to keep it out of the way of potential damage. Never let children operate a helium tank.