How to Keep Helium Balloons Inflated

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Helium balloons are a classic addition to parties and celebrations. They can be used as decorations or as party favours for children. A few helpful tips can help keep your helium balloons flying longer.

Treat the balloons with a material that seals the inside of the balloon and helps prevent air from escaping. Fill the balloon with helium afterward, and it should extend the life of the balloon by a few days. Such products are available at party stores and online.

Place inflated balloons in a trash bag immediately after inflating them. Sunlight, debris and direct contact with oxygen all wear away at the surface of balloons. Keep them covered as long as possible to protect them from these elements.

Spray the outer surface of the balloon with hairspray to coat the surface and protect the balloon.

Start by overinflating the balloon and then release the helium gas until the balloon is a bit underinflated. This should allow the balloon to expand in heat.

Use white or light coloured balloons as they reflect sunlight, which can harm the surface of the balloon. Avoid black and dark-coloured balloons.

Inflate the balloons at the same room temperature at which they will be used. Changing temperatures affect the expansion and inflation of helium gas.

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