The best CD player for kids

Updated February 21, 2017

When it comes to choosing the best CD player for your child, chances are you'll want something durable that can withstand the wear and tear that kids' toys face. One of the most reliable ways to find good products is to read reviews by other consumers. Amazon, a major online retailer allows users to rank products and tell about their opinions. There are several CD players that receive high consumer ratings on the company's website.

Sing-Along CD Player

Imagination Entertainment manufactures the Sing-Along CD player, which receives consistently-high reviews from product purchasers. Children ages 3 and up should enjoy the bright colours and large, easy-to-press buttons. The product doubles as a karaoke machine and has two microphones. Control buttons allow the user to rewind or fast-forward through sections of the CD and individual tracks. For times when parents need a break from the noise, there is a headphone jack.

Disney Princess CD Player

Disney produces the Disney Princess CD Player, targeted at young girls ages 3 and up. The CD player receives high ratings compared to other children's CD players based on Amazon customer reviews. Young girls should enjoy the pink and purple player, decorated with hearts and pictures of the familiar princess characters. Requiring headphones, no built-in speakers come with the product. The CD player comes with three Disney CDs that play a total of 23 songs as lights flash in-sync to the music. Girls can easily transport the player with a carrying strap that reduces the risk of dropping.

Sony CD Boombox

The Sony CD Boombox offers an attractive option for older children and receives high ratings from Amazon customers. Choose from red, blue or aqua coloured models. In addition to a CD player, a digital AM/FM tuner and audio in-line for mp3 players are included. Use the built-in speakers or headphone jack. Kids can burn their own CDs from the computer and listen on the CD player which supports CD-R and CD-RW playback. The large buttons are easy for younger children to press.

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