How do I Connect an iPod to a Denon AVR-3802?

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The Denon AVR-3802 is a powerful surround-sound stereo receiver that allows you to connect multiple components and speakers for your home audio system. You can connect your iPod or other MP3 player to the Denon AVR-3802 to listen to music from the MP3 player through your stereo.

The Denon AVR-3802 receiver does not have an MP3 or auxiliary audio input, so you must use another input to connect your MP3 player.

Plug in the Denon AVR-3802 receiver to the wall and make sure your speakers are connected properly.

Plug the RCA side of the cable into the back of the AVR-3802. You need to plug it into one of the available analogue inputs: Phono, CD, Tuner, DVD, VDP, TV/DBS, VCR-1, VCR-2/V.AUX or CDR/Tape. If you do not have a record player, plug it into the Phono input jack. If you do not have a tape player, plug it into the CDR/Tape input jack. The RCA cable end has two plugs: a red plug and a white plug. Plug the red part into the red input on the corresponding input jack on the back of the receiver, and plug the white part into the corresponding white input jack.

Plug the other end of the cable--the single eight-inch plug--into the headphones jack on your iPod or MP3 player. Turn the MP3 player on.

Set the Function dial (the circular dial on the left) to the appropriate analogue function on the front of the AVR-3802. If you plugged the cable into the Photo input on the back, set the Function dial to "Phono."

Play your music from the MP3 player. If you do not hear music coming from the speakers, turn up the volume on both the stereo and MP3 player to a level that should make the music audible. If you still do not hear music, double check that the speakers are connected properly, that the MP3 player is connected properly and that the stereo is on.