Fun Dinner Party Ideas

Updated March 23, 2017

Hosting a dinner party can be a lot of fun, even with all of the planning and organisation that goes into the process. While the food you serve is the star of the show, keeping your guests entertained is also an important part of being a good host. Come up with a fun dinner party theme, games or other hook to ensure the atmosphere is as wonderful as the meal.


Choosing a theme for your dinner party is a simple step that can make the event truly memorable. The theme can be classy, such as "Spanish Tapas," or something more fun, like "Murder Mystery" or "Luau." Embrace the theme you choose and plan decorations and table settings, the dinner, games, music and even your outfit around it. Set the mood early by choosing or creating invitations to your theme, and let guests know if there is a dress code or if they are encouraged to dress up.


Planning a few games for before, during and after the meal helps ensure the conversation never lags. One idea is to inform guests of a forbidden word that they may not say during the party. Choose a word that is likely to be said, such as "delicious" or "try." Give guests a string of beads, a small bag of marbles, or other similar objects, and when they hear another guest say the forbidden word, they can take one of the offender's objects. The guest with the most at the end of the night wins a prize. Another game option is to write a variety of odd sentences on index cards, such as "Last week I went to the moon," and slip them under the guests' dinner plates. Guests read the sentence to themselves and try to work that sentence into the conversation without anyone else guessing that it is their sentence from the note card.

A Unique Twist

Often, taking an expected component of a typical dinner party and putting your own unique twist on it is enough to make it a memorable experience for you and your guests. Rather than spending the beginning of the evening preparing food, lay out all the ingredients ahead of time, and in the invitations, assign guests to a specific course (appetizers, soup, dessert). That way you'll have company as you cook, and guests will all enjoy a meal they helped create together. Or, instead of having name cards at the table, allow guests to sit wherever they like, then ask them to swap seats with their neighbour at the end of each course in order to encourage socialisation between as many people as possible.

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