Easy birthday party ideas for 9 year olds

Updated February 21, 2017

Birthday parties can change significantly as people grow, from cartoon-themed childhood parties to extreme 21-year-old celebrations. Nine-year-old children fall on the younger side of things, and themes and ideas for their parties can vary significantly depending on the child.


Some nine year olds may still be young enough for themed parties, though their tastes may have changed significantly from their childhood cartoon themes.

Find out what your child wants to be when he grows up. For example, some children may want to be famous singers or actors, while others will want to explore the world's jungles or dig up ancient relics. Formulate your party theme based around your child's dream. Supply each party guest with theme-based costume pieces, such as safari hats for the explorers or sparkling sunglasses for the movie stars. Activities can include an exploratory scavenger hunt around your home and property, karaoke or a singing contest.

A great way to enhance a child’s enjoyment at such a party is to have a professional from the field come to the party, such as an actor from a theatre company or the founder of a local band. These professionals can answer questions about the field and get children engaged in the party theme.

If your child is still interested in a specific show or movie, you can use these themes for a more traditional party, decorating with favourite characters and colour styles.


Holding a birthday party somewhere other than your home can save you the hassle of chaperoning and clean up, and can also appeal to your child’s changing ideas of a fun.

Take the children to a pizza parlour or bowling alley. Most entertainment facilities will offer packages for birthday parties that often include food and entertainment. Children in this age range may not be entertained by simple party games like Pin the Tail on the Donkey or a piñata, so these other forms of entertainment may appeal to older interests.

For smaller groups of children, consider a trip to a cinema or amusement park. These excursions are pricier, but for your child and his closest friends they can be a good alternative to the larger party groups required at bowling alleys or arcades.


If your child only wants a few friends over for his party, consider allowing a sleepover.

For children and early adolescents, sleepovers change the basic fabric of their lives, since sleepovers often eliminate the restriction of bedtime and limitations on the number of games they play or movies they watch. Provide pizza or another inexpensive food alternative that children will see as a treat. Pick a variety of movies, board games or video games. For girls, find out if your daughter wants to perform makeovers, a common sleepover tradition for young ladies, or would prefer to simply play and relax.

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