Gymnastics party favor ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

Whether you are planning a birthday party for a young gymnast, or simply want to have a gymnastics themed party for your child, the favours you send home with your guests should reflect the gymnastics theme. For a gymnastics party, favours relating to the sport are an appropriate option for guests of any age.


Plain white leotards can be purchased very inexpensively in bulk, and are perfect for a gymnastics-themed party. Give each guest an undecorated leotard to take home, or incorporate this favour into the party by allowing each guest to decorate her own leotard using fabric paint during the party.

Gym Tote

A gym tote with each guest's name written in fabric paint on it will reflect the theme of the party, and is also a practical favour as the guests can use their totes after the party. Many mass market retailers sell inexpensive tote bags that you can easily decorate with paint markers.

Water Bottles

Encourage a healthy lifestyle by giving each guest his own plastic water bottle to take home. Water bottles are inexpensive and easy to customise by writing each child's name on the bottle and decorating it with gymnastics-themed stickers.

Medals and Trophies

Party supply stores often sell replica Olympic medals and plastic sports trophies. These favours are appropriate for elementary age children, and will send each child home feeling like a winner.

Clips and Hair Ties

If your gymnastics party guests are primarily female, favour bags filled with headbands, hair bands, hair clips and scrunchies are appropriate choices, as many gymnasts use these to hold their hair back during competition. Most retailers sell these hair accessories very inexpensively, and when packaged in a red, white and blue or gymnastics-themed favour bag, they will perfectly suit the theme of the party.

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